AI conference
20+ speakers

May 24

Hyatt Regency Miami


May 24

9:00 am


Waiting room.

9:30 am

AI2027 Opening Welcome Remarks

Archil Cheishvili

CEO at GenesisAI & Head of AI2027

Megi Kavtaradze

CEO at Destiny Robotics Head of AI2027

10:00 am

Intelligent Adaptive Automation and Autonomous Colleagues

Ayhan Sebin

Global Strategy and Operations Leader at AI Research at IBM

10:05 am

Marketing and Big Data

Joseph Johnson

Assoc. Professor At University of Miami

10:20 am

How AI is Driving Fintech Innovation and Improving Customer Experience

Dan Roselli

Managing Partner at CFV Ventures

10:40 am

Experience AI: How data is transforming Experiential Marketing

Jonathan Yaffe

CEO of AnyRoad

11:00 am

AI Services on the forefront of Metaverse Enablement

Olga Beregovaya

VP, AI Innovation at Welocalize

11:30 am

Networking & Lunch break

12:30 pm

Panel Discussion

Commercial use of AI

Emil Jimenez

CEO of Mind Bank AI

Sanjay Bhatia

CTO of Fit:Match

Olivia Ramos

CEO of Deepblocks

1:15 pm

Panel Discussion

The future of AI & Major breakthroughs

Brent Campbell

Managing Director of NXS Crypto Fund

Joseph Vangieri

CEO of Digitrax Entertainment

2:00 pm

Networking Break

Connect with other attendees

2:30 pm

Are horizontal Machine Learning platforms a good idea?

Max Eisendrath

CEO of Redflag AI

2:45 pm

GPU Computing with R

Jared Lander

Chief Data Scientist of Lander Analytics

3:00 pm

AI’s impact on business

Gary Fowler

CEO at GSD Venture Studios

3:15 pm

A Practical Approach to AI

Les Carter

Chairman of the Board of System Forward America

3:30 pm

The revolution of the intelligent drug

Philippe Moingeon

Head of immune-inflammation at Servier

3:45 pm

How AI Will Power The Metaverse, DeFi and DAOs

Benny Pekala

Founder at Birdwell Solutions

4:00 pm

East-West collaborations in industrial development/AI

Paul Kang

CIO, Alta Companies

4:15 pm

Closing Remarks

Archil Cheishvili

CEO at GenesisAI & Head of AI2027

Megi Kavtaradze

CEO at Destiny Robotics & Head of AI2027

4:30 pm

Networking Break

Connect with other attendees



Digital Advertising

Using AI to generate better creatives, attribution, analytics 4.0, spam detection



Investing in LATAM, Business Opportunities, LATAM startup scene, Effective marketing in LATAM


Breakthroughs in AI Computing

Reducing Computing costs, ML training at scale, AWS vs Others, ML developer tools


Email Marketing

Maximizing email deliverability, cold-emailing at scale, A/B testing 2.0


Policy Violations

Suspended Google and Facebook accounts, Compliance, Ads audit, Getting personalized support


Advancements in NLP

Text generation, Q & A, spam detection, context understanding, chatbots 2.0


Privacy & Post IOS 14 Era

Facebook ads - the present and future, Google ads in 2023, Mastering Tik Tok, more


Investing in AI companies

VC’s perspective, Angel’s perspective, AI trends, How to raise $100M+


Deepfake, Deepfake Detector, War in Ukraine, Face swapping, Self-Driving Cars

Breakthroughs in Computer Vision


Creative marketing

Ringless Voicemails, compliant SMS, Automated direct mails, Network effects through Viral campaigns


AI & Security

Physical security, Cybersecurity, fighting marketing bots



Using AI to invest in Crypto, AI & Blockchain, DeFi, Using AI to generate NFTs



Humanoid robots, at home assistants, holograms, Security Robots, Nano robots


The Venue

Gorgeously renovated and prepared to welcome you with enhanced safety and cleanliness protocols.

400 S, SE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33131

Hyatt Regency Miami